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    Micro MinimaI thermometer AtTiny13a
    [ Скачать с сервера (1.1 Kb) ] 2011-04-08, 1:47 AM

    Vladimir  Mitrovic  (Croatia)
    The thermometer  shown  here is "micro" not
    only because  it is built around the ATtinyl3
    microcontroller,  but also because  it can be
    built as a miniature device  when  built from
    5MD  components.
    The temperature is measured  by a DS18520
    high precision  1-Wire@  digital  thermometer
    from Maxim.  The program inside the ATti-
    ny134 microcontroller  initiates a single tem-
    perature conversion, waits  until the conver-
    sion has finished,  then reads  and  displays the
    result. the temperature  can be read  by count-
    ing red  and green blinks from a two-colour
    LED. For  example,  2 red and 3 green  blinks
    will be produced if the temperature is 23'C.
    Blinks are easily readable  because  each blink
    lasts approximately 135 ms  and  is followed by
    a 400 ms pause.
    The same LED pair is used  to display  other
    events,  too:
    1. When  the  temperature is negative (centi-
    grade value), an R-G-R-G  sequence  with no
    intermediate pauses stands  for the "-" sign
    (red and green  blinks  are clearly visible);
    2. 0"C is displayed  as a 1 second  long  sequence
    ofshort  red and green blinks  (red and green
    light blend together);
    3. A communication  error is displayed  as a 1-
    second long  red light.
    As indicated  in the circuit  diagram, two differ-
    ent two-colour (red  + green) LED  types  may
    be used: 3-terminal  (with common cathode)
    or 2-terminal  (with red and green LEDs  in anti-
    parallel connection).  The ATtiny program  is
    the same for both versions. Since  LEDs con-
    sume  most of the power, choose  an appro-
    priate  value for R2 to suit your own needs. A
    100 O resistor  results  in an 8 mA current flow
    through  the LED  that's switched  on.
    During  the display period  the LEDs  are on at a
    25%  duty  cycle, with 1 second  conversion peri-
    ods between  two display  sequences  to reduce
    the average LED consumption to roughly  1.5
    mA. This  may  be considerably  lowered if two
    separate  red  and green  low-current  LEDs are
    used  for display.  But even with 20-mA LEDs,
    the circuit  may  be powered  by a small  3 V Lith-
    ium cellfor a good period.
    Although in theorythe  instrumentcan  meas-
    ure temperatures  between  -55"C and +125C,
    in practice it seems  prudent  to stay within the
    -1 5oC to +50oC range.
    The  D51820  can be detached  from the rest
    of the circuit  foras faras the l-wire protocol
    allows;  a 3-m (10  ft.) connecting cable  was
    tested  and everything  worked  well. lf the sen-
    sor is properly  insulated, you  can measure  the
    temperature of water  or other  non-aggressive
    liquids.  But the most  common use  of the pro-
    posed  circuit  is to build a small and simple
    thermometer  with low power  consumption,
    which will be at hand  and functional when-
    ever  you need it.
    With lP1 closed  the readout  is in 'modulo 5'
    mode:  each blink of the red LED  now equals
    5, while the green blinks  are  still unity. Thus
    4 red and 3 green  blinks will occur  if the  tem-
    perature  is 23'C.
    lf JP2 is closed, the microcontroller  goes into
    power-down  mode if the temperature  is meas-
    ured and  displayed  forthe firsttime. This option
    consumes minimum  power. To repeat the meas-
    urement, switch  off the thermometer,  wait  for
    .l to 2 seconds and switch it on again.
    The program  developed for the project is
    called  'EE_micro_T.bas'   and was written in
    BascomAVR for compiling and turning  into
    object code.  A small extract is shown here.
    The complete  program is a free download
    [t]. Those without access  to an ATtinyl34
    programmer or BascomAVR  may buy their
    ready-programmed  lC through the same
    web page.

    Readers preferring  Fahrenheit readout  should
    modify  the BascomAVR  program  accordingly.
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